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Sixteen adolescent children with onset of epilepsy between the ages of 1 and 12 years and 16 control children were investigated by interview, self-esteem scales, and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). Children with epilepsy had a significantly larger discrepancy between the self-image and the ideal self-image than did the control children. TAT indicated(More)
  • Michał Adam, Piotr Bańbuła, Michał Markun, Narodowy, Bank Polski
  • 2013
We would like to thank Piotr Jaworski and Mateusz Pipień for the discussions on the early versions of the paper. We also benefitted from comments received from participants of the 9th Joint Seminar of Narodowy Bank Polski & Swiss National Bank organised in Stara Wieś in May 2012 as well as the Current Trends in Macroeconomic and Finance Research workshop(More)
We would like to thank participants of the III Spatial Econometrics and Regional Economic Analysis Conference at the University of Łódź and the Warsaw International Economic Meeting 2014 for their hints that helped us to improve this paper. This paper presents the personal opinions of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the official position of(More)
  • Michał Gradzewicz, Narodowy Bank Polski, Szkoła Główna, Handlowa Krzysztof, Makarski Narodowy, Bank Polski +12 others
  • 2010
This paper presents views and believes of the authors on the relevance of the current economic theory for the understanding of the complex world we live in. Has the crisis indeed demonstrated that as profession we are misled by the beauty of the mathematical models and the only useful, workable solutions at hand were provided in early 1930s? The purpose of(More)
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