Banita Pattnaik

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1. Edge contrast enhancement is an integrated visual function based on the complex centre-surround organization of the cone photoreceptor light response. While centre responses result from direct light activation, surround responses are thought to result from lateral inhibition mediated by horizontal cells. This feedback signal has been attributed to GABAA(More)
Protein MAP1B was recently reported to link GABA(C) receptors to the cytoskeleton at neuronal synapses. This interaction was demonstrated in the mammalian retina, where GABA(C) receptors were thought to be exclusively expressed in bipolar cells. Our previous studies on cultured photoreceptors suggested however the presence of GABA(C) receptors in cones. To(More)
A series of seventeen novel analogs of ursolic and oleanolic acid were synthesized (60–98 %), and evaluated for their anti-cancer potential against a panel of eight human cancer cell lines. Compounds (3–10) showed comparable or better activities than their respective parent compounds against SiHa and HeLa (Cervix), A-549 (Lung), and IMR-32 (Neuroblastoma)(More)
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