Bani Mukherjee

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Lithium (Li) concentrations have been estimated in several peripheral tissues (serum, heart, kidney, liver and skeletal muscle) and different brain areas (cortex, caudate nucleus, hypothalamus, diencephalon, midbrain, pons-medulla and cerebellum) at different intervals (0.5 to 48 h) after administrations of 3 mEq/kg of lithium chloride (LiCl). The Li(More)
In Orissa State, India, the double gel diffusion technique was used to analyze 97,405 bloodmeals of all fed anophelines that were caught during standardized monthly surveys in 12 malarious study villages, from 1982 through 1988. Anopheles culicifacies contributed the highest number of smears from the 19 Anopheles species recovered. It was observed that a(More)
Effects of graded doses of lithium chloride (2.5, 5.0 and 7.5 mEq/kg, i.p.) on electroshock-induced seizure threshold, recovery time and concentration of lithium (Li) ion in plasma and brain tissue of albino rats, at different post injection intervals, were investigated. A significant decrease in seizure susceptibility corresponded with high Li ion(More)
The effects of lithium chloride (LiC1; 1, 2, 3 mEq/kg, i.p.) were studied on foot shock-induced aggressive behavior categorized as 'hyperreactivity' 'pre-attack' and actual 'fight' or 'attack' scores in rats. The attack score was significantly decreased at all doses between 2 to 48 hr post-drug intervals. LiCl also antagonized both amphetamine-induced(More)
Selecting a location for a potential hospital often decides the success or the failure of such a facility. It is thus important to assess the locations from multiple dimensions before selecting the site. This paper focuses on the multi factor evaluation of hospital sites using Analytical Hierarchy process (AHP)and evaluates three potential rural hospital(More)
Effect of deterioration plays a vital role in present environment of market. In this paper, a deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items having stock and time dependent demandunder the effect of deterioration has been studied.A twoparameterWeibull distribution has been used to represent the deterioration rate. The present model has been solved(More)
a great hold on the minds of the people in India that many practitioners of Western medicine also use it. There is probably something of real value about it, as it has resisted the ravages of time for many centuries and is universally esteemed to the present day. Preparation of ' makaradhwaja ?It is necessary at the outset to outline the process of(More)