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The uptake of heavy metals at sublethal concentrations by the mycelia and sporocarps of an edible fungus Pleurotus sajor-caju was measured by an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, and their impact on growth, productivity, and cellular proteins was also studied. Mycelia demonstrated the lowest uptake of Co2+ (11 micrograms ml-1) and Hg2+ (12 micrograms(More)
Fungitoxic substance was isolated from the culture filtrate of B. megaterium (B-23). Age of culture and pH of medium influence the fungitoxicity of its culture filtrate. Partially purified toxin was thermolabile, non-dialysable, ethyl acetate soluble, vanillin-sulphuric acid positive and effective within a range of pH 5-9. It exhibited maximum UV absorption(More)
In metal cutting, the selection of a proper cutting tool plays a signi®cant role in achieving consistent quality and in controlling the overall cost of manufacturing. However, searching for a proper tool/insert Ð job combination calls for a huge amount of data and an extensive knowledge base. In the present paper, the manual effort of searching is(More)
With the increasing demands in the field of mobile & data communications, the sole aim is to connect users as fast as possible. 4G provides high mobility with high speed data rates and also supports high capacity IP-based services and applications while it also maintains full backward compatibility. It is also based on wireless communication that is IP(More)
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