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The atmospheric correction of satellite observations is crucial for both land and ocean remote sensing. However, the optimal approach for each area is different due to the large spectra difference in the ground reflectance between land and ocean. A unified atmospheric correction (UAC) approach based on a look-up table (LUT) of in situ measurements is(More)
Turbidity measurement is important for water quality assessment, food safety, medicine, ocean monitoring, etc. In this paper, a method that accurately estimates the turbidity over a wide range is proposed, where the turbidity of the sample is represented as a weighted ratio of the scattered light intensities at a series of angles. An improvement in the(More)
A field, light-weight laser fluorometer based on the method of laser induced fluorescence was developed for water quality monitoring. The basic instrument configuration uses a high pulse repetition frequency microchip laser, a confocal reflective fluorescent probe and a broadband hyperspectral micro spectrometer; it weights only about 1.7 kg. Simultaneous(More)
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