Bang-Yen Chen

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We present a method to construct a large family of Lagrangian surfaces in complex Euclidean plane C 2 by using Legendre curves in the 3-sphere and in the anti de Sitter 3-space or, equivalently, by using spherical and hyperbolic curves, respectively. Among this family, we characterize minimal, constant mean curvature, Hamiltonian-minimal and Willmore(More)
Lagrangian //-umbilical submanifolds are the "simplest" Lagrangian submanifolds next to totally geodesic ones in complex-space-forms. The class of Lagrangian //-umbilical submanifolds in complex Euclidean spaces includes Whitney's spheres and Lagrangian pseudo-spheres. For each submanifold M of Euclidean «-space and each unit speed curve F in the complex(More)
OBJECTIVE To elucidate the effect of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) for nourishing Yin and removing fire on the biosynthesis, secretion and regulative mechanism of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in hypothalamus. METHODS The brain slices of medial basal hypothalamus of adolescent rats, which had been fed with CHM, were incubated. The content of GnRH(More)