Bang-Yen Chen

Sharief Deshmukh2
Luc Vrancken1
2Sharief Deshmukh
1Luc Vrancken
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A slant immersion was introduced in [2] as an isometric immersion of a Rie-mannian manifold into an almost Hermitian manifold (˜ M , g, J) with constant Wirtinger angle. From J-action point of view, the most natural surfaces in an almost Hermitian manifold are slant surfaces. Flat slant surfaces in complex space forms have been studied in [3, 4]. In this(More)
A Ricci soliton (M, g, v, λ) on a Riemannian manifold (M, g) is said to have concurrent potential field if its potential field v is a concurrent vector field. In the first part of this paper we classify Ricci solitons with concurrent potential fields. In the second part we derive a necessary and sufficient condition for a submanifold to be a Ricci soliton(More)
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