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A low voltage, two-level-metal, and multi-layer insulator electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWD) platform is presented. Dispensing 300pl droplets from 140nl closed on-chip reservoirs was accomplished with as little as 11.4V solely through EWD forces, and the actuation threshold voltage was 7.2V with a 1Hz voltage switching rate between electrodes. EWD devices(More)
A previous report noted a 27% prevalence of autism in Joubert syndrome (JS), raising the question of overlapping etiologies. Family studies have shown that autism is characterized by family loading for a number of specific behavioral and psychiatric disorders and that the sib recurrence risk is around 4%. The purpose of this study is to determine whether(More)
Advances in digital microfluidics and integrated sensing hold promise for a new generation of droplet-based biochips that can perform multiplexed assays to determine the identity of target molecules. Despite these benefits, defects and erroneous fluidic operations remain a major barrier to the adoption and deployment of these devices. We describe the first(More)
One-hundred ten lateral facial profiles were judged to be attractive and were selected from 1000 Taiwanese pupils by a panel of four men and three women from different educational backgrounds. The 110 in the attractive group were analyzed by using five analytic reference lines: Ricketts E line, Holdaway's H line, Steiner's S1 line, Burstone's B line, and(More)
The high mortality rate of sepsis has been attributed to delayed pathogen identification. Hence, a fluidic device is being developed to accelerate the procedures from DNA purification to qPCR sequence detection. Demonstrated herein is the key feature the device: the use of EWD droplet actuation to manipulate the eluent generated by an immiscible phase(More)
The purpose of the present study was to explore the role of horizontal lip position in the evaluation of beauty in a lateral facial profile. The sample size of 1,000 students were randomly selected from all the Junior High Schools in the city of Taipei. One hundred and ten 12-year-old students were judged to be good looking and were selected by 7 panelists(More)
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