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The current paper presents preliminary work towards the integration of the Fujisaki model into the VnVoice Vietnamese TTS system, based on a set of rules to control the F0 contour. A speech corpus consisting of 20 sentences was compiled. Each of the sentences can have various meanings depending on the tone associated with a monosyllabic keyword which it(More)
Anti-MUC1 single-chain Fv (scFv) fragments generated from the humanised antibody huHMFG1 had adequate antigen-binding properties but very poor stability irrespective of the applied linker or domain orientation. Mutagenesis of heavy-chain framework residue V(H)-71, previously described as a key residue for maintaining the CDR-H2 main-chain conformation and(More)
The C(H)2 (C(H)3 for IgM and IgE) domain of an antibody plays an important role in mediating effector functions and preserving antibody stability. It is the only domain in human immunoglobulins (Igs) which is involved in weak interchain protein-protein interactions with another C(H)2 domain solely through sugar moieties. The N-linked glycosylation at Asn297(More)
It has been reported that about one quarter of long-term nonprogressors had anti-CCR5 antibodies and such anti-bodies were not found in disease progressing HIV-1 positive individuals [1]. To identify such antibodies we panned an HIV immune library constructed from bone marrow of three long-term nonprogressors against a synthetic sulfated N-terminal CCR5(More)
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