Bang Jun Lei

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In the MCCWS project a framework should be built for nonverbal face-to-face communication that supports high-quality tele-collaboration. Essential for this are the availability of geometric 3D information and the understanding of the object (face) in the images. Feature extraction is the first and crucial step toward obtaining this 3D information and image(More)
This paper studies how to improve the coverage of camera networks where the locations and orientations of the cameras can be adjusted. As the power energy limits the distance that each camera can move, the coverage problem is a constrained optimization. We provide three particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithms for the problem, which are the penalty PSO,(More)
We propose a real-time multi-step view reconstruction algorithm and we tune its implementation to a virtual teleconference application. Theoretical motivations and practical implementation issues of the algorithm are detailed. The proposed algorithm can be used to reconstruct novel views at arbitrary poses (position and orientation) in a way that is(More)