Bang Jun Lei

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We propose a real-time multi-step view reconstruction algorithm and we tune its implementation to a virtual teleconference application. Theoretical motivations and practical implementation issues of the algorithm are detailed. The proposed algorithm can be used to reconstruct novel views at arbitrary poses (position and orientation) in a way that is(More)
—Aiming at improving the precision of nodes' localization, this paper analyses the source of the localization error when using the least square algorithm, and proposes the principle to choose the benchmark anchor nodes in reducing the power of equation. Based on this principle, the algorithm choosing the nearest node as the benchmark anchor node in LSM and(More)
—To improve the localization precision of nodes in Wireless sensor network (WSN), this paper analyses the source of the localization error in the least square localization algorithm (LSL), and it can be concluded that the minimum cumulative relative distance error of the benchmark anchor node directly influence the localization precision. Based on the(More)