Bang-Jo Chun

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Inertial migration of neutrally buoyant particles in a square duct has been investigated by numerical simulation in the range of Reynolds numbers from 100 to 1000. Particles migrate to one of a small number of equilibrium positions in the cross-sectional plane, located near a corner or at the center of an edge. In dilute suspensions, trains of particles are(More)
We have investigated the hydrodynamic drag force between charged particles in electrolyte solutions, specifically the electroviscous force that arises from the distortion of the electrical double layers by the flow field. We report an improvement on the thin-double-layer theory (S.G. Bike, D.C. Prieve, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 136 (1990) 95-112), using a(More)
Temperature gradient interaction chromatography (TGIC) is applied to the characterization of polyisoprene (PI) and polystyrene (PS) using normal-phase (NP) stationary phase--bare silica or diol bonded silica. Tetrahydrofuran-isooctane mixtures are used as a mobile phase. PI and linear and star shaped PS samples are successfully fractionated in terms of the(More)
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