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BF3·Et2O catalyzed diastereoselective nucleophilic reactions of 3-silyloxypiperidine N,O-acetal with silyl enol ether and application to the asymmetric synthesis of (+)-febrifugine
Abstract The asymmetric BF 3 ·Et 2 O catalyzed nucleophilic reactions of 3-silyloxypiperidine N , O -acetal 10 with silyl enol ethers derived from ketones are described. (+)-Febrifugine 1 , anExpand
A practical approach to asymmetric synthesis of dolastatin 10.
A practical method to the key subunit Val-Dil has been established as an alternative synthetic route for the synthesis of this challenging chemical structure. Expand
Studies toward asymmetric synthesis of leiodelide A
An enantioselective route for oxazoline 4, a key fragment toward the asymmetric synthesis of leiodelide A, is described. We synthesized northern subunit 6 through a Julia–Lythgoe olefination andExpand
Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-L-733, 060 and (+)-CP-99, 994 based on a new chiral 3-piperidinol synthon.
[reaction: see text] Selective and potent neurokinin substance P receptor antagonists (+)-L-733, 060 (1) and (+)-CP-99, 994 (2) have been synthesized starting from a new (3S)-piperidinol synthonExpand
Xylapyrrosides A and B, two rare sugar-morpholine spiroketal pyrrole-derived alkaloids from Xylaria nigripes: isolation, complete structure elucidation, and total syntheses
Abstract Two new [named xylapyrrosides A (1) and B (2)] along with two known [pollenopyrrosides A (3) and B (=acortatarin A, 4)] naturally occurring spirocyclic pyrrole alkaloids were isolated andExpand
Asymmetric Synthesis of AntimalarialAlkaloids (+)-Febrifugine and (+)-Isofebrifugine
Diastereoselective α-amidoalkylation of N,O-acetal,derivated from controlled regio and diastereoselective reductionof (S)-N-(4-methoxybenzyl)-3-silyloxyglutarimideprovided two dia­stereomericExpand
Concise asymmetric synthesis of (-)-deoxoprosophylline
Abstract An efficient asymmetric synthesis of the 2-hydroxymethyl 3,6-disubstituted piperidine alkaloid, (−)-deoxoprosophylline, is described. The key step of this route is the SmI 2 -mediatedExpand
Structure Determinants of Lagunamide A for Anticancer Activity and Its Molecular Mechanism of Mitochondrial Apoptosis.
It is suggested that lagunamide A may exert anticancer property through mitochondrial apoptosis, and the findings would provide insightful information for the design of new anticancer drugs derived from lagunamides. Expand
Radical migration-addition of N-tert-butanesulfinyl imines with organozinc reagents.
A novel migration-addition sequence was discovered for the reaction of enantioenriched N-tert-butanesulfinyl iminoacetate 1a with functionalized benzylzinc bromide reagents, producing tert-leucineExpand
Diastereoconvergent synthesis of trans-5-hydroxy-6-substituted-2-piperidinones by addition-cyclization-deprotection process.
A diastereoselective one-pot approach to access trans-5-hydroxy-6-substituted-2-piperidinones by an addition-cyclization-deprotection process has been developed, in which the stereogenic center atExpand