Bander A. Alzahrani

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The in-packet Bloom filter forwarding mechanism is a source routing approach used in Information-centric networking (ICN). This mechanism is vulnerable to brute-force attacks that can be used for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and unsolicited messages (spam). In this paper we analytically calculate the probability of brute-force attacks and(More)
Secure in-packet Bloom filters is an approach used to securely forward source routing packets with small forwarding tables making the forwarding fabric resistant to unauthorized traffic. This resistance can be achieved by dynamically computing the link identifiers on the base of the packet content such as path in-out interfaces and keys of forwarding nodes(More)
Information Centric Network is a brand new architecture that focuses on the information objects rather than the location of end users. It aims to replace the current end-to-end model with the publish-subscribe model to solve many issues including security, routing scalability, mobility. One of the main features in this network is the use of a simple and(More)
Information centric networking is a new concept that places emphasis on the information items themselves rather than on where the information items are stored. Consequently, routing decisions can be made based on the information items rather than on simply destination addresses. There are a number of models proposed for information centric networking and it(More)
Information centric networking (ICN) has been in the spotlight of recent research. It is an emerging communication paradigm that relays on the concept of publish and subscribe. It aims to revise the current Internet with a new clean slate architecture where the design is completely different from today’s location based model. To secure the forwarding plan(More)
Information-centric networking (ICN) is a new communication paradigm that shifts the focus from end hosts to information objects. Recent studies have shown that ICN can provide more efficient mobility support and multicast/anycast content delivery compared to traditional host-centric solutions. Nevertheless, the ICN solutions proposed so far are not very(More)
In recent years, the information-centric networking (ICN) concept has been attracting increasing attention of the research community. The aim is to overcome intrinsic inefficiencies of the existing host-to-host communication paradigm, as well as to provide new and enhanced services to mobile and fixed users. A key feature of ICN is the support for(More)