Bandar Alshammari

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Measuring quality attributes of object-oriented designs (e.g. maintainability and performance) has been covered by a number of studies. However, these studies have not considered security as much as other quality attributes. Also, most security studies focus at the level of individual program statements. This approach makes it hard and expensive to discover(More)
Several studies have developed metrics for software quality attributes of object-oriented designs such as reusability and functionality. However, metrics which measure the quality attribute of information security have received little attention. Moreover, existing security metrics measure either the system from a high level (i.e. the whole system’s(More)
We present a hierarchical model for assessing an object-oriented program's security. Security is quantified using structural properties of the program code to identify the ways in which `classified' data values may be transferred between objects. The model begins with a set of low-level security metrics based on traditional design characteristics of(More)
Refactoring focuses on improving the reusability, maintainability and performance of programs. However, the impact of refactoring on the security of a given program has received little attention. In this work, we focus on the design of object-oriented applications and use metrics to assess the impact of a number of standard refactoring rules on their(More)
Assigning access specifier is not an easy task as it decides over all security of any software Though there are many metrics tools available in a market to measure the security at early stage. But in this case assignment of access specifier is totally based on the human judgment and understanding . Objective of Secure Coupling Measurement Tool (SCMT) is to(More)
The most promising approach for developing secure systems is the one which allows software developers to assess and compare the relative security of their programs based on their designs. Thereby, software metrics provide an easy approach for evaluating the security of certain object-oriented designs. They can also measure the impact on security that caused(More)
Software plays an important role in today’s computerized world. The programmer can use different languages to develop the software. In order to develop software, it needs several phases such as Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance. Of these several phases, the analysis and design becomes essential, since these are the most essential(More)
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