Banda Venkat Reddy

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Statistical analysis of 12 unstable and 32 stable proteins revealed that there are certain dipeptides, the occurrence of which is significantly different in the unstable proteins compared with those in the stable ones. Based on the impact of these dipeptides on the unstable proteins over the stable ones, a weight value of instability is assigned to each of(More)
Advances in site-directed mutagenesis and other genetic engineering techniques have made it possible to create novel proteins of interest. A challenging aspect of these studies is to understand the effect of substitution mutations on folding and stability of natural proteins. We present an analysis of protein structure data, available from the literature,(More)
In Escherichia coli, subdomains 2.4 and 4.2 of the primary transcription factor sigma 70 are the most highly conserved regions and are responsible for the recognition of -10 and -35 promoter elements respectively. Mutational studies provide evidence to this end and indicate that the side chains of subdomain 4.2 make specific contacts with the nucleotides at(More)
A simple statistical approach for the analysis of biological sequences, such as splice-sites, promoter regions, helices and extended structure forming regions or any other sequence dependent functional entities in proteins, is presented. The approach has been proved useful to develop a method for prediction of such entities in newly available sequences. We(More)
Complementary DNA sequence data of 278 protein coding genes from prokaryotic systems have been analysed at the level of near neighbour codon pairs. Our analysis points out that constraints exist even at the level of near neighbour codon pairs. These constraints are in addition to those which arise due to relative levels of tRNA. Codon pairs, which in the(More)
The dipeptides that had been previously implicated as determinants of in vivo protein stability (Guruprasad, K., Reddy, B.V.B. and Pandit, M.W., 1990. Protein Eng. 4, 155-161) have been reassessed on a latest data set and about 25% dipeptide combinations (102 dipeptides) were found to play significant role in determining the intracellular protein stability.(More)
From EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database, protein coding sequences of all E. coli and its DNA phages, were extracted using our computer programme. Same programme has been used to form a database of sequence of oligonucleotides of length 18 nucleotides on both sides of each of the 61 codons. From analysis of this database and study of variations in twist(More)
During the complete oxidation of fatty acids, the electrons removed from fatty acids in different forms (FADH2 and NADH2) pass through the respiratory chain, driving the ATP synthesis. Generally, the ATP yield due to the complete oxidation of fatty acids is calculated by sum total the ATPs obtained due to the oxidation of FADH2 and NADH2 due to lack of any(More)
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