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Data quality mining (DQM) is a new and promising data mining approach from the academic and the business point of view. Data quality is important to organizations. People use information attributes as a tool for assessing data quality. The goal of DQM is to employ data mining methods in order to detect, quantify, explain and correct data quality(More)
Wireless channel allocation plays as an important role in thedesign of wireless network, as it greatly influences the throughput and performance of the network. It is proposed a technique to improve the usage of wireless spectrum in the context of IEEE 802.11 wireless network using new channel assignment methods among interfering Access Points (APs).(More)
Fingerprints are one of the oldest and most widely used biometric security measures. Rapid advances in Computer Science and digital Image Processing have made it possible to design various Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) which can compare certain features of an input fingerprint image with a series of template images stored in a database(More)
The major aim of this paper is possible analysis of fraud activities prevalent in the telecommunication industry particularly regarding subscription fraud problems. A state variable model has been designed for analysis. This model is the basis and explains the necessity of profiling customer's details and classifying and slabbing flat security deposits.(More)
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