Bamrung Tau Sieskul

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—We propose a new hybrid wireless geolocation scheme that requires only one observation quantity, namely, the received signal. The attenuation model is explored herein to capture the propagation features from the received signal. Thus, it provides a more accurate approach for wireless geolocation. To investigate geolocation accuracy, we consider the(More)
We consider the wireless geolocation using the time of arrival (ToA) of radio signals in a cellular setting. The main concern in this paper involves the effects of the error knowledge of the path loss exponent (PLE). We derive the asymptotic error performance of the maximum likelihood (ML) estimator under the imperfect PLE. We point out that a previous(More)
—In this paper, we investigate a blind channel estimation method for Multi-carrier CDMA systems that use a subspace decomposition technique. This technique exploits the orthogonality property between the noise subspace and the received user codes to obtain channel of each user. In the past we used Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) technique but SVD have(More)