Bamidele O. Awojoyogbe

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A Markov decision model is applied to determine the optimal cost of drugs in the treatment of leprosy disease. The result shows that the minimum cost is obtained if the Doctor is visited and the patient is placed on the MDT instead of traditional treatment and Dopsone monotherapy. The paper presents a theoretical framework to study the cost of treatment of(More)
Background Responsive contrast agents (CA) are diagnostic agents whose contrasting features are sensitive to a given physico-chemical variable that characterizes the microenvironment of the probe[1]. The crucial diagnostic parameters are pH, temperature, enzyme activity, redox potential and concentration of specific ions, and low weight metabolites[1].(More)
Biological tissues are complex system that contains a variety of liquid components, macromolecules and ions. They are highly heterogeneous media that consist of various compartments and barriers of different diffusivities. In terms of its cyto-histologic architecture, a tissue can be regarded as a porous structure made up of a set of more or less connected(More)
Harmonic Phase-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (HARP-MRI) is a tagged image analysis method that can measure myocardial motion and strain in near real-time and is considered a potential candidate to make magnetic resonance tagging clinically viable. However, analytical expressions of radially tagged transverse magnetization in polar coordinates (which is(More)
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