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We study the effect of noncoherence on the onset of phase synchronization of two coupled chaotic oscillators. Depending on the coherence properties of oscillations characterized by the phase diffusion, three types of transitions to phase synchronization are found. For phase-coherent attractors this transition occurs shortly after one of the zero Lyapunov(More)
Accurate index of refraction measurements have been performed in flux-grown KTiOPO(4). These measurements give good agreement between experiment and theory for angle phase matching in Type II second harmonic generation at 1.064 microm. These refractive-index data have allowed us to calculate the propagation angles for second harmonic generation at(More)
This paper deals with measurements of con-vective velocity of large-scale thermal structures, using the thin foil technique and infrared thermography to visualize the thermal pattern on the wall. An image correlation method is proposed to track the displacement of the observed thermal pattern. The idea of the method is similar to that of particle image(More)
A method for suppressing spiral waves and spatiotemporal chaos in excitable media is proposed. Applying suitable periodic force to a single point, we can successfully suppress spiral waves as well as spatiotemporal chaos by generating target waves. After we turn off the external force, target waves finally disappear and the whole system which was in the(More)
We consider, both theoretically and experimentally, the excitation and detection of the localized quasimodes (resonances) in an open dissipative 1D random system. We show that, even though the amplitude of transmission drops dramatically so that it cannot be observed in the presence of small losses, resonances are still clearly exhibited in reflection.(More)
We report a numerical study on heat conduction in one-dimensional homogeneous lattices in both the linear and the nonlinear response regime, with a comparison among three prototypical nonlinear lattice models. In the nonlinear response regime, negative differential thermal resistance (NDTR) can occur in both the Frenkel-Kontorova model and the phi4 model.(More)
The absence of self-averaging in mesoscopic systems is a consequence of long-range intensity correlations. Microwave measurements suggest, and diagrammatic calculations confirm, that the correlation function of the normalized intensity with displacement of the source and detector, Delta R and Delta r, respectively, can be expressed as the sum of three(More)
Normal functioning in many realistic complex dynamical systems, such as neural networks, requires coherence and synchronization for collective actions of network components. However, strong synchronization of the whole network is often related to pathological situations. A regime in between enabling both segregation in subsystems and integration as a whole(More)
We have measured the spatial and spectral dependence of the microwave field inside an open absorbing waveguide filled with randomly juxtaposed dielectric slabs in the spectral region in which the average level spacing exceeds the typical level width. Whenever lines overlap in the spectrum, the field exhibits multiple peaks within the sample. Only then is(More)