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Background: WHO classifi ed the number of leprosy cases in Indonesia as number three in the world after India and Brazil. The number of new leprosy patients tends to increase since there is a possibility that seropositive leprosy is turning into manifest leprosy. The aim of this study was to analyze the infl uence of zinc supplementation on interleukin-2(More)
Blood cockle (Anadara granosa) is one of the foods and it is economically and culturally acceptable to the community, but has not been fully utilized in Gorontalo. Blood cockle contains high of zinc and protein, so that it has the potential of supplementation therapeutic for malnourished children, particularly stunting. The objective of this study is to(More)
A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial of a single dose of 200,000 I.U. of vitamin A with daily zinc supplementation was conducted with children in Mojo village, Surabaya City. Children aged 48 to 60 months were randomized to receive a single dose of 200,000 I.U. of vitamin A plus zinc sulfate (n=12) or a single dose of 200,000 I.U. of vitamin(More)
A Randomized Double Blind placebo Pre Test Post Test Control Group Design of a single dose of 200.000 I.U of vitamin A with daily Zinc supplementation was done in wasted children in Bojonegoro. Children aged 4-5 years were randomized to receivied a single dose of vitamin A and zinc sulfate six days a week ( n= 12 ) and single dose of vitamin A ( n=120)(More)
The Indonesian Ministry of Health has predicted that the national prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia may reach 26.5% in 2013. Increasing age, stress, lack of physical activity, obesity and passive smoking are known to be risk factors of hypertension. In women over 50 y, hormonal changes that occur post-menopause may also increase the risk of(More)
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