Balumuri Annapurna

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This study describes the characterization and optimization of medium components for an extracellular detergent, surfactant, organic solvent and thermostable serine alkaline protease produced by alkaliphilic Bacillus pumilus MCAS8 strain isolated from Pulicat lake sediments, Tamil Nadu, India. The strain yielded maximum protease (2,214 U/ml) under optimized(More)
The trapping of lipid-laden macrophages in the arterial intima is a critical but reversible step in atherogenesis. However, information about possible treatments for this condition is lacking. Here, we hypothesized that combining the polyphenol-rich fractions (PHC) of commonly consumed spices (Allium sativum L (Liliaceae), Zingiber officinale R(More)
Railway is an Eco-Friendly and Popular mode of Transport in most major cities of the World. One of the most widely used and comfortable nodes of transportation system is train. As the railway network is considered to be the safest and easiest network. More than 10 billions of people and 1050 millions of freight travel by train annually. Railway Transport is(More)
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