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BACKGROUND Laparoscopic CBD exploration (LCBDE) is an accepted treatment modality for single stage management of CBD stones in fit patients. A transcholedochal approach is preferred in patients with a dilated CBD and large impacted stones in whom ductal clearance remains problematic. There are very few studies comparing intraoperative cholangiography (IOC)(More)
In anglophonic countries erotomania has traditionally been regarded as a female disorder of little more than curiosity value. The French literature recognizes the disorder in males, but as a rarity. In a recently collected group of violent male offenders the syndrome proved to be fairly common. The offending behaviour was invariably triggered by the core(More)
1 The relationship between depression and dementia has been noted since antiquity and still eludes our precise understanding. Rosen (1961) notes that in the ninth century A.D. Rhazes, the Persian physician, mentions melancholy as an inevitable condition in the lives of old and decrepit persons. Later, both Robert Burton (Anatomy of Melancholy) and William(More)
Sixty patients who had a major psychiatric breakdown following stress were studied. The mode of presentation of one group led to the suspicion of a reactive psychosis and comparison with the other group showed that in terms of the actual or threatened loss of an emotionally significant person, the temporal relationship between stress and illness and the(More)