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Changing Landscape of Crime in Cyberspace
This chapter gives a brief overview of the cybercrime landscape. Cybercrime agents are elaborated like organized gangs and hacktivists. The modus operandi of the crime is changing with theExpand
Cyber Economic Crime Typology
This chapter explores the typology of cybercrime with theoretical briefing is explained and attempts to create a classification of cyber economic crime. The chapter explains various approaches likeExpand
Integrated Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Model
This chapter illustrates the suggestions about specialised legal, institutional and awareness efforts by the criminal justice system (CJS) to deal with cyber economic crimes. A new integrated cyberExpand
Criminal Justice Administration in India: An Overview
This chapter gives a brief overview of various stakeholders in the criminal justice system involving cyber economic crime. A brief introduction, organizational structure, responsibility, humanExpand
Emerging Trends and Patterns of Cyber Economic Crimes
This chapter maps various trends and patterns of Cybercrimes and Cyber Economic Crimes. Trends and pattern are analysed in the registration of crime, profile of criminals, gender, age of accused,Expand
Legal Framework for Cyber Economic Crimes: A Review
This chapter gives an overall view of the existing legal framework available for dealing with Cyber Economic Crime [hereinafter referred to as CEC] in India. Information technology Act is reviewedExpand
Understanding Modus Operandi Of The Cyber Economic Crime From People-Process-Technology Framework’s Perspective
Cyber economic crimes are technological crimes. The internet has engulfed the world and therefore their topology, geographical limits, complexity, technology used and protocols were also started toExpand
Exploring the Phenomenon of Cyber Economic Crime
This chapter provides an understating of the phenomenon of cybercrime, its evolution, and typology. Further it also sheds light on the economic lens of cybercrime. It explores the phenomenon of cyberExpand
Cyber Economic Crime: Criminological Studies and Frameworks
This chapter elucidates the conceptual framework of cyber economic crime envisaged. It throws light on the concept of cyber economic crime from a criminological perspective in the Indian context.Expand