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We present <i>unikernels</i>, a new approach to deploying cloud services via applications written in high-level source code. Unikernels are single-purpose appliances that are compile-time specialised into standalone kernels, and sealed against modification when deployed to a cloud platform. In return they offer significant reduction in image sizes, improved(More)
Network latency is a problem for all cloud services. It can be mitigated by moving computation out of remote datacenters by rapidly instantiating local services near the user. This requires an embedded cloud platform on which to deploy multiple applications securely and quickly. We present Jitsu, a new Xen tool-stack that satisfies the demands of secure(More)
A small subpopulation of highly adaptable breast cancer cells within a vastly heterogeneous population drives cancer metastasis. Here we describe a function-based strategy for selecting rare cancer cells that are highly adaptable and drive malignancy. Although cancer cells are dependent on certain nutrients, e.g., glucose and glutamine, we hypothesized that(More)
—OS virtualization and cloud computing have radically changed the way Internet services are deployed: enterprises share third-party datacenters, deploying existing applications with minimal changes. Recent measurements reveal a lack of traffic isolation capabilities within the datacenter with network performance exhibiting high variability. We advocate(More)
A major obstacle in developing effective therapies against solid tumors stems from an inability to adequately model the rare subpopulation of panresistant cancer cells that may often drive the disease. We describe a strategy for optimally modeling highly abnormal and highly adaptable human triple-negative breast cancer cells, and evaluating therapies for(More)
We have previously shown that only 0.01% cells survive a metabolic challenge involving lack of glutamine in culture medium of SUM149 triple-negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer cell line. These cells, designated as SUM149-MA for metabolic adaptability, are resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs, and they efficiently metastasize to multiple organs in nude mice.(More)
This study was undertaken to model the growth of tomato seedlings under greenhouse conditions. The micro-environment of the seedlings (temperature and solar radiation) was correlated with the seedling growth factors. Seed emergence was studied for five different temperatures, and a mathematical model was developed to fit the data to determine relationship(More)
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