Balraj Gopula

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Enantiomerically enriched tosyl-protected diarylmethylamines were rapidly prepared by the asymmetric addition of arylboronic acids to N-tosylaldimines under mild conditions in the presence of a catalyst prepared in situ from Rh(I) and a chiral diene ligand. This methodology offers access to diarylmethylamines in good yields with excellent chiral purity at(More)
An efficient enantioselective addition of an array of arylboronic acids to various β-nitrostyrenes catalyzed by a novel and reactive rhodium-diene catalyst (S/C up to 1000) was developed, providing β,β-diarylnitroethanes in good to high yields (62-99%) with excellent enantioselectivities (85-97% ee). The method was extended to 2-heteroarylnitroolefins and(More)
Chiral rhodium catalysts comprising 2,5-diaryl- substituted bicyclo[2.2.1]diene ligands L1-L10 were utilized in the enantioselective 1,4-addition reaction of arylboronic acids to N-substituted maleimides. In the presence of 2.5 mol % of Rh(I) /L2, enantioenriched conjugate addition adducts were isolated in 72-99 % yields with 86-98 % ee. This protocol(More)
For the first time, simple N-tosyl aryl aldimines, prepared from the condensation of tosyl amide and aromatic aldehydes, can be used as substrates in the rhodium catalyzed 1,2-addition reaction using alkenylboron nucleophiles. In the presence of 1.5 mol % of [RhCl(1e)]2, enantioselective addition of various potassium alkenyltrifluoroborates to aryl(More)
The asymmetric conjugate addition of arylboronic acids to substituted and unsubstituted β-pyrazol-1-yl (E)-tert-butyl acrylates 4 catalyzed by 5 mol % of the Rh(I)/diene 2a catalyst provided the corresponding addition products in 44-98% yield and 91->99.5% ee. The method was applied to the formal synthesis of (3S)-3-aryl-3-(pyrazol-1-yl)propanoic acid 1b(More)
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