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Wcprescnt astuclyof 153 fast shock waves and their relation toother large-scale features in the solar wind: corotating interaction regions (CIRs), interplanetary counterparts of coronal mass ejections (ICMES) and the magnelic sector structure, observed by Ulysses from October 1990 to tl]e south solar pc)lar ]Jass in the summer of 1994. ‘lhis is a(More)
The use of a new LC-MS interface (cap-EI), part of a Waters Integrity system, capable of generating EI spectra at micro flow rates is presented. The cap-EI interface relies on the production of a fine aerosol by means of a nebulizer and supported by a nitrogen jet. Sensitivity, response linearity, reproducibility, and LC compatibility of the interface were(More)
  • J-C Lambry, Joffre M, +136 authors Cournac L
  • 2011
The primary photoprocesses in neutral and acid forms of oriented dried bacteriorhodopsin films were investigated by femtosecond absorption spectroscopy. The excitation energy dependence of the signals was used to distinguish photochemistry from processes involving photophysics of photocycle intermediates. Both the kinetics and the quantum yield of all-trans(More)
Observations of the varying orientations of comet tails led to the suggestion of the existence of the solar wind--a continuous outflow of ionized material from the Sun. It is now well established that gas from comets is ionized by several processes and joins the solar wind, forming an ion (plasma) tail that points away from the Sun. The plasma environments(More)
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