Ballamajalu Rajendra Prasad

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CONTEXT Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory disease with an aberrant response characterized by exaggerated inflammation, involving the release of excess proteolytic enzymes and reactive oxygen species (ROS). Diabetes mellitus is a group of complex multisystem metabolic disorders characterized by a relative or absolute insufficiency of insulin secretion(More)
CONTEXT Periodontal tissue destruction is caused by an inappropriate host response to microorganisms. Diabetes is a metabolic disease and most of its complications are due to hyperglycemia. Periodontitis is considered as its sixth complication. Micronutrients such as zinc, copper and iron are essential for human health. There is accumulating evidence that(More)
With the growing popularity of Digital Medias through the World Wide Web, intellectual property needs copyright protection, prevention of illegal copying and verification of content integrity. The new data hiding techniques need to be developed that satisfy the requirements of Imperceptibility, Robustness, Capacity, or data hiding rate and Security of the(More)
BACKGROUND Periodontal disease is an immune-inflammatory disease characterized by connective tissue breakdown, loss of attachment and alveolar bone resorption. In normal physiology, there is a dynamic equilibrium between reactive oxygen species activity and antioxidant defense capacity and when that equilibrium shifts in favor of reactive oxygen species,(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The present study was designed to estimate and compare the superoxide dismutase and total antioxidant capacity levels in the serum of diabetes mellitus - Type 2 patients and healthy individuals with and without periodontal disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was designed as a case-control study comprising of 150 subjects,(More)
Pancreatic pseudocysts are the most common cystic lesions of the pancreas, accounting for 75-80% of such masses. Pancreatic pseudocyst with mediastinal extension is a rare clinical entity and only a handful cases report on dysphagia associated with mediastinal pseudocyst formation.1 We present a case of pancreatic mediastinal pseudocyst that presented with(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the accuracy of intraoperative frozen section diagnosis in assessing margins in oral cancer resection and to evaluate the role of frozen section diagnosis as a guide in resection of oral cancer lesions. PATIENTS AND METHODS The fresh tissue samples from the margins of lesions of patient with preoperative diagnosis of oral squamous cell(More)
Two hundred and nineteen children treated with Ciprofloxacin were observed for drug related adverse reactions (ADR). ADR was observed in 35/219 (15.98%) children, arthropathy in 2/219 (0.9%) children only. All the ADR were reversible even on continuation of therapy except one child with arthropathy and no permanent sequele or death occurred as a drug(More)