Balkrishna Ghimire

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The comparative study on leaf anatomy and stomata structures of six genera of Taxaceae s. l. was conducted. Leaf anatomical structures were very comparable to each other in tissue shape and their arrangements. Taxus, Austrotaxus, and Pseudotaxus have no foliar resin canal, whereas Amentotaxus, Cephalotaxus, and Torreya have a single resin canal located(More)
Taxaceae s. l. is a wider concept of classification treating five genera of Taxaceae s. str. and Cephalotaxus together. Cephalotaxus is morphologically very similar to the five genera of Taxaceae s. str. Various models of classification for six genera have already been published. However, the phylogenetic position and genuine relationships of these genera(More)
Comprehensive comparative anatomy of Pinus leaves was carried out. Some anatomical features were found to be quite useful and supported the classification of genus to subgenus and section level. The number of needles per fascicle, number of vascular bundles, position of resin ducts, shape of leaf in cross section, and distribution of stomata on the leaf(More)
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