Baljit S. Riar

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Modular multilevel converters (M2LCs) are typically controlled by a hierarchical control scheme, which essentially requires at least two control loops: one to control the load current and another to control circulating currents. This paper presents an M2LC with a single controller, which is based on model predictive direct current control (MPDCC) with long(More)
Historically, cascaded H-bridge, capacitor clamped and neutral point clamped topologies have been used for medium to high-voltage applications but Modular multilevel converter (M2LC) is becoming a popular alternative. However, in comparison to other topologies, control of load current, which is inherently coupled with circulating currents, is more difficult(More)
Modular multilevel converter (M2LC), which features modularity, scalability, reduced voltage rating of the switches and redundant switching operations, is becoming popular in medium to high-voltage applications. Circulating current, which is an inherent feature of the M2LC topology, increases both the converter losses and complexity of the control scheme.(More)
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