Baljit Kaur

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In order to exert metabolic effects, fatty acids must be taken up by cells and metabolize effectively to different classes of cellular lipids (triacylglycerols, phospholipids, etc.) for incorporation into different cellular and intracellular compartments. Therefore, the main aim of the present study is to investigate the uptake and metabolism of fatty acids(More)
Low power design is most required now a days due to scaling down the technology where minimizing the voltage level is the most effective way to minimize the power consumption. This paper presents a double pulse flip flop implemented using 0.18 μm technology. The proposed flip flop avoids unnecessary switching and stacking of transistors and thus consume(More)
A current source model (CSM) is presented for CMOS logic cells, which can be used for accurate analysis of delay in CMOS VLSI circuits. In current technology, CS model can be considered as an accurate model for modern static timing and noise analysis. By using the combinational CS model for CMOS logic cell, different values of parasitic capacitances are(More)
This paper reviews a VLSI architecture based on `Parallel Pipeline Projection Engine' (PPPE) which is composed by Forward Radon Transform and Back-projection architecture. This PPPE architecture is modified by using the theory of two-dimensional Radon Transform. The novel architecture is primarily based on analytical relationship between the pixels on(More)
In this paper, a modified VLSI architecture for two-dimensional Radon Transform has been presented. The proposed architecture is primarily based on the analytical relationship between the pixels on horizontal and vertical raster scan line and also between the projection angles. The proposed architecture is compared against the existing ‘Parallel(More)
Phase estimation is a problem of paramount importance in synchronous digital communication system, especially for high bit rate signaling such as QAM modulation. QAM is particularly attractive for highthroughput-efficiency application and better performance compared to PSK as size of constellation increases. Ideally, the phase estimation must be performed(More)
Wireless communications is regarded as the most important development with wide range of applications. Advances and development in this field aim for fast and reliable communication. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signal provides high spectral efficiency and ease of implementation. But it suffers from high peak to average power ratio. This paper(More)