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Bacterial blight (BB), caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae, is a major disease of rice managed largely through the deployment of resistance genes. Xa38, a BB resistance gene identified from Oryza nivara acc. IRGC 81825, was mapped on chromosome 4L in a 38.4-kb region. The closely linked markers for this gene, identified earlier, were simple sequence(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable death among American Indian and Alaska Natives, AI/ANs. Two out of every five AI/AN will die from tobacco-related diseases if the current smoking rates of AI/ANs (40.8%) persist. Currently, there is no proven, effective culturally-tailored smoking cessation program designed specifically for(More)
Low power design is most required now a days due to scaling down the technology where minimizing the voltage level is the most effective way to minimize the power consumption. This paper presents a double pulse flip flop implemented using 0.18 µm technology. The proposed flip flop avoids unnecessary switching and stacking of transistors and thus consume(More)
This paper reviews a VLSI architecture based on `Parallel Pipeline Projection Engine' (PPPE) which is composed by Forward Radon Transform and Back-projection architecture. This PPPE architecture is modified by using the theory of two-dimensional Radon Transform. The novel architecture is primarily based on analytical relationship between the pixels on(More)
In this paper, a modified VLSI architecture for two-dimensional Radon Transform has been presented. The proposed architecture is primarily based on the analytical relationship between the pixels on horizontal and vertical raster scan line and also between the projection angles. The proposed architecture is compared against the existing ‘Parallel(More)
This paper presents a new technique of classifying Arrhythmia based on ECG signal by using Decision Tree Induction as our method. Dataset of Arrhythmia is already available in MATLAB. In this paper, we trying to solve the problem of over fitting that occur in DTI. To overcome this problem, we tested it on a standard dataset and we achieved an average(More)