Balint Tillman

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Controlling units in real-time strategy (RTS) games is a challenging problem in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as these games are fast-paced with simultaneous moves and massive branching factors. This paper presents two extensions to the algorithm UCT Considering Durations (UCTCD) for finding optimal sequences of actions to units engaged in combat using the(More)
In networking research, it is often desirable to generate synthetic graphs with certain properties. In this paper, we present a new algorithm, 2K_Simple, for exact construction of simple graphs with a target joint degree matrix (JDM). We prove that the algorithm constructs exactly the target JDM and that its running time is linear in the number of edges.(More)
I. INTRODUCTION Researchers often need to generate synthetic graphs with key properties resembling those of networks of interest. This is for example the case when the full topology is unavailable or impractical to measure or use. In our work, we are interested in generating graphs that resemble online social networks in terms of their joint degree(More)
We study the problem of constructing synthetic graphs that resemble real-world directed graphs in terms of their degree correlations. We deene the problem of directed 2K construction (D2K) that takes as input the directed degree sequence (DDS) and a joint degree and aaribute matrix (JDAM) so as to capture degree correlation speciically in directed graphs.(More)
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