Baldvin Jonsson

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Peak torque (PT), contraction work (CW), mean power (CP), and time for contraction (t) were recorded for each of 200 full range-of-motion repetitive isokinetic (maximum effort) plantar flexions at the preset angular velocity 60 degrees s-1 (degrees X s-1). The subjects were 12 healthy males (42-46 years). Simultaneous recordings of electromyographic(More)
BACKGROUND In animal models, inhaled nitric oxide improved gas exchange and lung structural development, but its use in premature infants at risk of developing bronchopulmonary dysplasia remains controversial. We therefore tested the hypothesis that inhaled nitric oxide at a low concentration, started early and maintained for an extended period in babies(More)
Perceived musculoskeletal discomfort caused by the repetition of a light work task was examined by rating the perceived musculoskeletal discomfort and measuring the muscle pressure pain threshold. Thirteen healthy female workers performed a repetitive light work task for 120 minutes. Based on the perceived musculoskeletal discomfort during the work task the(More)
The effects of fatigue during a task involving prolonged repetitive light work were checked electromyographically and by rating the perceived musculoskeletal discomfort in seven different body regions. For a period of 120 min, 13 healthy female workers performed a repetitive light work task, simulating assembly work in electronics factories. The muscular(More)
BACKGROUND The ability to determine airflow during nasal CPAP (NCPAP) treatment without adding dead space or resistance would be useful when investigating the physiologic effects of different NCPAP systems on breathing. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect on pressure stability of different flow measuring devices at the in-line and(More)
The reliability and validity of isokinetic measurement of plantar flexion endurance has been studied by a method previously described by us which utilizes simultaneous measurements of mechanical contractional work (CW) and integrated electromyogram (iEMG). The reliability was gauged by test/re-test with a two year's interval; while validity was assessed by(More)
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