Baldvin Einarsson

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An individual based, discrete and stochastic model for the collective motion of fish presented in Hubbard et al. (2004) is applied to the task of simulating migrations of capelin in the seas around Iceland. In this application the individual particles may be viewed as small schools of fish that are self-propelled and interacting in such a way that the(More)
Biofilms are antibiotic-resistant bacterial aggregates that grow on moist surfaces and can trigger hospital-acquired infections. They provide a classical example in biology where the dynamics of cellular communities may be observed and studied. Gene expression regulates cell division and differentiation, which affect the biofilm architecture. Mechanical and(More)
We apply a dynamic energy budget (DEB) model to the Icelandic capelin (Mallotus villosus) and introduce a new state variable to capture the roe production of individual fish. Species-specific coefficients are found for the capelin such as the shape coefficient and the Arrhenius temperature. We show how to link the DEB model to measurable quantities such as(More)
The yolk substance or deutoplasm in preimplantation embryos of the Mongolian Gerbil was observed to be composed of tubule-like structures which were grouped in slightly wavy bundles running in various directions and occupying the major cytoplasmic space in the cell. The tubules were about 70 nm wide and, where cut longitudinally, had a maximal length of 2(More)
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