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Strategy for rapid immobilization of prey by a fish-hunting marine snail
SOME venomous animals capture prey with remarkable efficiency and speed. The purple cone, Conus purpurascens, uses two parallel physiological mechanisms requiring multiple neurotoxins to immobilizeExpand
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Analogies and differences between ω-conotoxins MVIIC and MVIID: binding sites and functions in bovine chromaffin cells
Abstract The characteristics of the binding sites for the Conus magus toxins ω-conotoxin MVIIC and ω-conotoxin MVIID, as well as their effects on K+-evoked 45Ca2+ entry and whole-cell Ba2+ currentsExpand
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Stenotrophomonas-Like Bacteria Are Widespread Symbionts in Cone Snail Venom Ducts
ABSTRACT Cone snails are biomedically important sources of peptide drugs, but it is not known whether snail-associated bacteria affect venom chemistry. To begin to answer this question, we performedExpand
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