Balasubramaniem Ashokkumar

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Response surface methodology and central composite rotary design (CCRD) was employed to optimize a fermentation medium for the production of alkali-stable cellulase-free xylanase by Aspergillus fischeri in solid-state fermentation at pH 9.0 with wheat bran as substrate. The four variables involved in this study were sodium nitrite, potassium dihydrogen(More)
Aspergillus niger produces extracellular beta-fructofuranosidase under submerged (SmF) and solid state fermentation (SSF) conditions. After UV mutagenesis of conidiospores of A. niger, 2-deoxyglucose (10 g/l) resistant mutants were isolated on Czapek's minimal medium containing glycerol as a carbon source and the mutants were examined for improved(More)
BACKGROUND Folic acid [corrected] plays an essential role in cellular metabolism. Its deficiency can lead to neural tube defects. However, optimization of body folate homeostasis can reduce the incidence of neural tube defects and may decrease the risk of Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Hence, food fortification and intake of supplemental(More)
Two fresh water microalgae, Coelastrella sp. M-60 and Micractinium sp. M-13 were investigated in this study for their potential of biodiesel production. For increasing biomass and lipid production, these microalgae were subjected to nutrient starvation (nitrogen, phosphorous, iron), salinity stress and nutrient supplementation with sugarcane industry(More)
Two putative orthologs to the human reduced folate carrier (hRFC), folt-1 and folt-2, which share a 40 and 31% identity, respectively, with the hRFC sequence, have been identified in the Caenorhabditis elegans genome. Functional characterization of the open reading frame of the putative folt-1 and folt-2 showed folt-1 to be a specific folate transporter.(More)
The C. elegans gene folt-1 is an ortholog of the human reduced folate carrier gene. The FOLT-1 protein has been shown to transport folate and to be involved in uptake of exogenous folate by worms. A knockout mutation of the gene, folt-1(ok1460), was shown to cause sterility, and here we investigate the source of the sterility and the effect of the folt-1(More)
Folate plays an essential role in one-carbon metabolism, and a relationship exists between methyl group metabolism and pancreatic exocrine function. Little, however, is known about the mechanism(s) and regulation of folate uptake by pancreatic acinar cells and the effect of chronic alcohol use on the process. We addressed these issues using the rat-derived(More)
Two bacterial strains capable of degrading N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) were isolated from the effluent and sludge samples of textile and tyre industries. The 16S rRNA gene analysis revealed that bacterial strains belonged to the genera Paracoccus and named as Paracoccus sp. MKU1 and Paracoccus sp. MKU2. The DMF degradation experiments conducted at a DMF(More)
Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) generated in a non enzymatic protein glycation process are frequently associated with diabetes, aging and other chronic diseases. Here, we explored the protective effect of phlorotannins from brown algae Padina pavonica, Sargassum polycystum and Turbinaria ornata against AGEs formation. Phlorotannins were extracted from(More)
This paper deals with processing of wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) images from gastrointestinal tract, by extracting textural features and developing a suitable classifier to recognize as a normal or abnormal /tumor image. Images obtained from WCE are prone to noise. To reduce the noise, filtration technique is used. The quality of the filtered image is(More)