Balasubramanian Balakumar

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Sympathetic skin response (SSR) is a reflexly elicited potential of the sweat glands, the afferent and efferent fibres of the reflex are cutaneous sensory fibres (if the SSR is elicited by electrical stimulus) and sympathetic sudomotor fibres respectively. Our earlier study indicated that latency, besides duration and amplitude, of SSR of a given normal(More)
We present an adolescent with distal radius nonunion following an open fracture and failed surgery which eventually united when the length and stability was restored for eight weeks duration. The intact periosteal sleeve at the nonunion site formed new bone when its tension was restored by gradual differential distraction. This case report highlights the(More)
BACKGROUND Loss of reduction following closed or open reduction of displaced supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children varies widely and is considered dependent on stability of the fracture pattern, Gartland type, number and configuration of pins for fixation, technical errors, adequacy of initial reduction, and timing of the surgery. This study(More)
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