Balasubramaniam Natarajan

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| In this letter, a procedure for generating N Rayleigh fading envelopes with any desired c ovariance m a-trix is given. This method, numerical in nature, enables researchers to simulate correlated fading envelopes, for use in: (1) the study of the impact of correlation on diversity system performance and (2) the study of Multi-Carrier CDMA (MC-CDMA), where(More)
—This paper proposes a novel evolutionary approach to spreading code design in direct sequence code division multiple access (DS-CDMA). Specifically, a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (EA) is used to generate complex spreading sequences that are optimized with respect to the average mean-square cross-and/or autocorrelation (CC and/or AC) properties. A(More)
—Peak-to-average power ratio (PAR) reduction in OFDM using antenna arrays (MIMO OFDM) is considered. In particular, generalizations of selected mapping (SLM) recently proposed in literature, are studied, and a new version, we call it directed SLM (dSLM), is introduced. It is shown that, in contrast to the other schemes, dSLM utilizes the potential offered(More)
—Real-time control of a smart distribution grid with renewable energy based generators requires accurate state estimates , that are typically based on measurements aggregated from smart meters. However, the amount of data/measurements increases with the scale of the physical grid, posing a significant stress on both the communication infrastructure as well(More)
Corruption of photopleythysmograms (PPGs) by motion artifacts has been a serious obstacle to the reliable use of pulse oximeters for real-time, continuous state-of-health monitoring. In this paper, we propose an automated, two-stage PPG data processing method to minimize the effects of motion artifacts. The technique is based on our prior work related to(More)
This paper explores the application of the ant colony algorithm for an NP-complete problem in the area of wireless communications. The specific problem is one of detecting users (binary vectors) in a multi-user environment in synchronous MC-CDMA (multi-carrier Code Division Multiple Access) systems, such that the total interference noise in minimized. This(More)