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[8] W. Ding and B. Liu, " Rate control of MPEG video coding and recording by rate-quantization modeling, " IEEE Trans. Rate-constrained optimal block-adaptive coding for digital tape recording of HDTV, " IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. A new, fast and efficient image codec based on set partitioning in hierarchical trees, " IEEE Trans. Adaptive transforms for(More)
Speedup learning seeks to improve the computational eeciency of problem solving with experience. In this paper, we develop a formal framework for learning eecient problem solving from random problems and their solutions. We apply this framework to two diierent representations of learned knowledge, namely control rules and macro-operators, and prove theorems(More)
Preprocessing of image and video sequences with spatial filtering techniques usually improves the image quality and compressibility. We present a block-based, nonlinear filtering algorithm based on singular value decomposition and compression-based filtering. Experiments show that the proposed filter preserves edge details and can significantly improve the(More)