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The following problem is considered: given a matrix A in Rm'', (m rows and n columns), a vector b in Rm, and 6 > 0, compute a vector x satisfying IIAx bl[2 <_ 6 if such exists, such that x has the fewest number of non-zero entries over all such vectors. It is shown that the problem is NP-hard, but that the well-known greedy heuristic is good in that it(More)
[8] W. Ding and B. Liu, " Rate control of MPEG video coding and recording by rate-quantization modeling, " IEEE Trans. Rate-constrained optimal block-adaptive coding for digital tape recording of HDTV, " IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. A new, fast and efficient image codec based on set partitioning in hierarchical trees, " IEEE Trans. Adaptive transforms for(More)
Preprocessing of image and video sequences with spatial filtering techniques usually improves the image quality and compressibility. We present a block-based, nonlinear filtering algorithm based on singular value decomposition and compression-based filtering. Experiments show that the proposed filter preserves edge details and can significantly improve the(More)
Speedup learning seeks to improve the computational eeciency of problem solving with experience. In this paper, we develop a formal framework for learning eecient problem solving from random problems and their solutions. We apply this framework to two diierent representations of learned knowledge, namely control rules and macro-operators, and prove theorems(More)
This paper deals with the learnability of Boolean functions. An intuitively appealing notion of dimensionality is developed and used to identify the most general class of Boolean function families that are learnable from polynomially many positive examples with one-sided error. It is then argued that although bounded DNF expressions lie outside this class,(More)