Balamanohar Paluri

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We address the problem of multi-robot distributed SLAM with an extended Smoothing and Mapping (SAM) approach to implement Decentralized Data Fusion (DDF). We present DDF-SAM, a novel method for efficiently and robustly distributing map information across a team of robots, to achieve scalability in computational cost and in communication bandwidth and(More)
With the advancement of multimedia, digital video creation has become very common. There is enormous information present in the video, necessitating search techniques for specific content. In this paper, we present an approach that enables search based on the textual information present in the video. Regions of textual information are identified within the(More)
The paper proposes a novel approach for classification of sports images based on the geometric information encoded in the image of a sport’s field. The proposed approach uses invariant nature of a crossratio under projective transformation to develop a robust classifier. For a given image, cross-ratios are computed for the points obtained from the(More)
Stroke recognition in tennis is important for building up statistics of the player and also quickly analyzing the player. It is difficult primarily on account of low resolution, variability in strokes of the same player as well as among players, variations in background, weather and illumination conditions. This paper proposes a technique to automatically(More)
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