Balaji V. Srinivasan

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We report on a functional human model to evaluate multi-organ toxicity in a 4-organ system under continuous flow conditions in a serum-free defined medium utilizing a pumpless platform for 14 days. Computer simulations of the platform established flow rates and resultant shear stress within accepted ranges. Viability of the system was demonstrated for 14(More)
Orbital angular momentum (OAM) beam generation has been investigated using all-fibre and free space configurations. In the first approach, the composite fused coupler is based on a single mode fibre (SMF) and an air-core fibre. The second approach exploits geometrical phase introduced by nanostructuring of silica glass. Both approaches are demonstrated to(More)
Social Networks play a very important role as a medium to propagate information among people. Marketers use this to campaign for their products and influence customers. However, it is not practically possible for a marketer to reach out to each and every individual prospective/existing customer due to the sheer size of the networks (in the orders of(More)
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