Balaji V. Srinivasan

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We report on a functional human model to evaluate multi-organ toxicity in a 4-organ system under continuous flow conditions in a serum-free defined medium utilizing a pumpless platform for 14 days. Computer simulations of the platform established flow rates and resultant shear stress within accepted ranges. Viability of the system was demonstrated for 14(More)
The continued development of in vitro systems that accurately emulate human response to drugs or chemical agents will impact drug development, our understanding of chemical toxicity, and enhance our ability to respond to threats from chemical or biological agents. A promising technology is to build microscale replicas of humans that capture essential(More)
Current methods for detection of avian influenza virus (AIV) based on virus culture and RT-PCR are well established, but they are either time consuming or require specialized laboratory facilities and highly trained technicians. A simple, rapid, robust, and reliable test, suitable for use in the field or at the patient's bedside, is urgently needed. In this(More)
Avian influenza virus (AIV) subtype H5N1 was first discovered in the 1990 s and since then its emergence has become a likely source of a global pandemic and economic loss. Currently accepted gold standard methods of influenza detection, viral culture and rRT-PCR, are time consuming, expensive and require special training and laboratory facilities. A rapid,(More)
The significance of microfluidics-based and microelectromechanical systems-based biosensors has been widely acknowledged, and many reviews have explored their potential applications in clinical diagnostics, personalized medicine, global health, drug discovery, food safety, and forensics. Because health care costs are increasing, there is an increasing need(More)
Social Networks play a very important role as a medium to propagate information among people. Marketers use this to campaign for their products and influence customers. However, it is not practically possible for a marketer to reach out to each and every individual prospective/existing customer due to the sheer size of the networks (in the orders of(More)
The development of more predictive and biologically relevant in vitro assays is predicated on the advancement of versatile cell culture systems which facilitate the functional assessment of the seeded cells. To that end, microscale cantilever technology offers a platform with which to measure the contractile functionality of a range of cell types, including(More)
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