Balaji V. Iyer

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Polymer models tied together by constraints of looping and confinement have been used to explain many of the observed organizational characteristics of interphase chromosomes. Here we introduce a simple lattice animal representation of interphase chromosomes that combines the features of looping and confinement constraints into a single framework. We show(More)
Eukaryotic genomes possess an elaborate and dynamic higher-order structure within the limiting confines of the cell nucleus. Knowledge of the physical principles and the molecular machinery that govern the 3D organization of this structure and its regulation are key to understanding the relationship between genome structure and function. Elegant microscopy(More)
The effects of changing the ion activity product of the remineralization solution at pH 4.5 (pKFAP 108-118) on the remineralization behavior of demineralized bovine tooth enamel and hydroxyapatite pellets have been studied. Solutions containing calcium-4.5, phosphate, and fluoride in acetate buffers were used. The 45Ca/F molar ratios indicated the formation(More)
Embedded-handheld devices are the predominant computing platform today. These devices are required to perform complex tasks yet run on batteries. Some architects use ASICs to combat this energy-performance dilemma. Even though they are efficient in solving this problem, ASICs are very inflexible. Thus, it is necessary for a general purpose solution. In(More)
The film-forming potential of lanolin alcohol was evaluated. Inclusion of ethylcellulose in lanolin alcohol improved film integrity. The hardness and modulus of elasticity of these lanolin alcohol-ethylcellulose films were improved by incorporating propylene glycol or cetyl alcohol. Triamcinolone acetonide release from selected film compositions was(More)
We formulate a coarse-grained mean-field approach to study the dynamics of the flexible ring polymer in any given obstacle (gel or melt) environment. The similarity of the static structure of the ring polymer with that of the ideal randomly branched polymer is exploited in formulating the dynamical model using aspects of the pom-pom model for branched(More)
Embedded processors are required to achieve high performance while running on batteries. Thus, they must exploit all the possible means available to reduce energy consumption while not sacrificing performance. In this work, one technique to reduce energy is explored to intelligently design the instruction-opcodes of a processor based on a target-workload.(More)
Lanolin alcohols-ethylcellulose films were investigated as a potential drug delivery system for the controlled release of salicylic acid. The effects of changes in film composition, drug concentration, drug solubility, and stirrer speed on the in vitro release of salicylic acid have been examined. The drug release has been found to obey a(More)