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A goal of user assisting agents is to provide effective assistance to their users in their tasks. The problem becomes challenging when the users are involved in a cognitive activity such as a knowledge gathering task through the web, and when the agents cannot clearly know the task of their users in advance. The challenge grows when the agent themselves do(More)
A Web-based knowledge-gathering task is a common, but complex activity carried out by several users on the Web. The complexity is of two types: One is the inherent complexity involved in the task, which is essentially the information need of the user, and the other is the perceived complexity by the user — that varies according to the proficiency of(More)
Artificial Intelligence techniques have been instrumental in helping users to handle the large amount of information on the Internet. The idea of recommendation systems, custom search engines, and intelligent software has been widely accepted among users who seek assistance in searching, sorting, classifying, filtering and sharing this vast quantity of(More)
In an era of information propagation through various medias like Internet, there are many parts of the world, which are untouched by this wave. This kind of gap, known as 'digital divide' exists even within a country and even among developed nations. A solution to this problem of bridging the digital divide requires a platform for consuming, sharing, and(More)
Data availability at all times is the key requirement for major business operations and the financial impact of business outage could be disastrous (see table 1). There could be many majors threats to information availability, be it natural disasters, unplanned or planned occurrences. Remote replication is the process of creating copies of data known as(More)
The availability of rich and diverse nature of unstructured and hyper-textual content in the Web coupled with the power of modern search engines either necessitate or lure the users to undertake the task of Web-based Knowledge Gathering (WKG). WKG is typically a complex and cognitive task under taken by the users on the Web for their learning, exploration,(More)
Use of TSL and certificates in secure applications in the internet is very common today. Certificate authorities are playing the important role of trust anchors. But this means that third party certificate authorities have to be trusted by both domain owners and their clients. Compromises of certificate authorities will put many users under a huge risk. To(More)