Balaji Raghothamachar

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A brief review of X-ray topography--a nondestructive method for direct observation and characterization of defects in single crystals--is presented here. The origin and development of this characterization method and the different techniques derived from it are described. Emphasis is placed on synchrotron X-ray topography and its application in studying(More)
The performance of commercially available silicon carbide (SiC) power devices is limited due to inherently high density of screw dislocations (SD), which are necessary for maintaining polytype during boule growth and commercially viable growth rates. The NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) has recently proposed a new bulk growth process based on axial fiber(More)
In a microgravity environment, the virtual elimination of buoyancy driven convection and hydrostatic forces enables diffusion controlled containerless crystal growth processes to be achieved. Synchrotron x-ray topography studies of structural defects in microgravity-grown CdZnTe single crystals on flight USML-1 revealed a dramatic improvement in structural(More)
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