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The Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) provides facilities for data encryption, digital signature and time stamping. It is a system where different authorities verify and authenticate the validity of each participant with the use of digital certificates. A Certificate Policy (CP) is a named set of rules and it indicates the applicability of a certificate in a(More)
Mobile devices play an important role in the wireless network environment for providing different services over internet. The business transactions over wireless electronic devices are not secure and hence the messages are prone to be intercepted and modified by an intruder. So, devices supporting wireless internet must be guaranteed at the same level of(More)
Unified Modeling Language(UML) is a standard language for modeling in the domain of Object Oriented Software Development. However, it lacks the modeling construct for real time systems. The UML profile for Modeling and Analysis of Real Time Embedded Systems (MARTE) has been recently standardized by Object Management Group (OMG) to provide the necessary(More)
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