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Estimating snow depth Inversion Model Assisted Vector Analysis based on temperature brightness for North Xinjiang region of China
ABSTRACT The measurement of snow depth based on temperature brightness with passive microwave sensing is still achallenging problem. Snow depth for the snow cover hydrological model and climate modelExpand
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Detection of flood disaster system based on IoT, big data and convolutional deep neural network
This paper has proposed the ideas and methods for the detection of flood disaster based on IoT, BD, and convolutional deep neural network (CDNN) to overcome such difficulties. Expand
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IOT based wearable sensor for diseases prediction and symptom analysis in healthcare sector
We proposed wearable sensor which is connected to Internet of things (IoT) based big data i.e. data mining analysis in healthcare to gather the information about the patient from the IoT. Expand
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Hybrid method for mining rules based on enhanced Apriori algorithm with sequential minimal optimization in healthcare industry
Data mining may enable healthcare organizations, with analysis of the different prospects and connection between seemingly unrelated information, to anticipate trends in the patient’s medical condition and behavior. Expand
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Dominant gray level based K-means algorithm for MRI images
In this paper, a novel K-Means algorithm is introduced by means of incorporating the utmost dominant gray level of the image. Expand
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Big data and artificial intelligence based early risk warning system of fire hazard for smart cities
Abstract Driven by information technology, big data provides new development opportunities for city construction. People use multiple scientific advancements such as the Internet of Things (IoT) forExpand
Industrial internet of things for smart manufacturing applications using hierarchical trustful resource assignment.
BACKGROUND The manufacturing industry undergoes a new age, with significant changes taking place on several fronts. Companies devoted to digital transformation take their future plants inspired byExpand
Importance of implementing smart renewable energy system using heuristic neural decision support system
Abstract Renewable energy sources are economically competitive choices for indigenous environmental solutions to produce conventional power, which offers high wind and solar resources to optimizeExpand