Bala Naga Vamsidhar Grandhi

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INTRODUCTION Isolated facial nerve palsy usually manifests as Bell's palsy. Lacunar infarct involving the lower pons is a rare cause of solitary infranuclear facial paralysis. The present unusual case is one in which the patient appeared to have Bell's palsy but turned out to have a pontine infarct. CASE PRESENTATION A 47-year-old Asian Indian man with a(More)
POEMS Syndrome is a rare cause of demyelinating and axonal mixed neuropathy. Plasmacytomas are usually seen in POEMS syndrome and can be osseous or extramedullary. Plasmacytomas presenting as an abscess has not been noted earlier. Our patient presented with localized hyperpigmented patch on the back and later developed progressive weakness in upper and(More)
Research question. This paper was done to answer the question on whether patients with IBS require higher analgesic or anxiolytic doses during colonoscopy. Setting. Gastroenterology practice in Michigan, USA. Methods. We reviewed the charts of patients following up with a US based gastroenterology practice. We collected data on whether or not they had IBS,(More)
In order to reduce interference and improve the capacity of the system the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing technique has been deployed in various cellular systems. But major problem in cellular systems is intercell interference especially at the cell edges. For reducing the impacts of ICI inter cell coordination techniques are investigated in(More)
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