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Nine boys of secondary school age were referred with undescended testes (UDT) to paediatric surgeons over a period of 8 years. All were referred from the same community paediatric clinic for children with severe learning disabilities. UDT cause concern because of a threefold increase in the incidence of cancer. Cosmesis and reduced fertility were seen as(More)
Novel inorganic alkali and alkaline earth hydrides of the f o r m u l a MH *, MH 2 * , and MH X * wherein M is the metal, X , is a halide, and H * comprises a novel high binding energy hydride ion were synthesized in a high temperature gas cell by reaction of atomic hydrogen with a catalyst and MH , MH 2 , or MX corresponding to an alkali metal or alkaline(More)
Line broadening of the hydrogen Balmer lines provides a sensitive measure of the number and energy of excited hydrogen atoms in a glow discharge plasma. The width of the 656.5 nm Balmer α line emitted from gas discharge plasmas having atomized hydrogen from pure hydrogen alone, hydrogen with magnesium or strontium, a mixture of 10% hydrogen and helium,(More)
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