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An Investigation of the Informational Role of Short Interest in the Nasdaq Market
This paper examines the relationship between the level of short interest and stock returns in the Nasdaq market from June 1988 through December 1994. We find that heavily shorted firms experienceExpand
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Cost driver optimization in activity-based costing
SYNOPSIS AND INTRODUCTION: The goal of any cost management system is to provide relevant and timely information to management. This information supports better management of corporate resources inExpand
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On the Efficiency of Cost-based Decision Rules for Capacity Planning
In this paper, we explore the economic loss from using product cost information for capacity planning when capacity constraints are hard. Expand
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A synthesis of alternative testing procedures for event studies
. The alternative versions of the t-test found in event studies result from different weighting schemes for abnormal returns, different abnormal return models, and different correlational structuresExpand
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Case-based reasoning for intrusion detection
We present and describe a case based reasoning approach to intrusion detection which alleviates some of the difficulties of current approaches. Expand
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Imperfect information, insurance, and auditors' legal liability*
. This paper analyzes the incentive effects of alternative legal systems on the auditor's decision making process. The first system, termed strict liability, holds the auditor liable whenever thereExpand
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ABSTRACT We examine how the ability to augment capacity on an as-needed basis affects capacity planning. If it is feasible and desirable to augment all resources on an as-needed basis, optimalExpand
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Dividend Reductions, The Timing of Dividend Payments and Information Content
Australian companies pay dividends semi-annually with smaller “interim” payments and larger “final” payments. Interim dividends are declared and paid within a less full information environment thanExpand
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Incomplete Information, Task Assignment, and Managerial Control Systems
A firm typically assigns multiple tasks it must perform to either internal employees or outside vendors. This paper demonstrates the need to integrate a task assignment decision with the design of aExpand
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