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The quantitative determination of Macrophomina phaseolina population in an arid soil was carried out utilizing a selective medium. The population of the fungus increased under continuous monocropping with a susceptible host, but considerable reduction was recorded with crop rotation or a change in crop sequence. The effects of fungi, bacteria,(More)
Effects of varying intensities of sub-lethal heating were ascertained in improving the efficiency of Brassica amendments and summer irrigation on survival of Macrophomina phaseolina, a dry root rot pathogen. Sub-lethal heating (45–55 °C) of M. phaseolina infested dry soil reduced the viable propagules by only 12.8% in a period of 90 days. One summer(More)
J. Standley, G. A. Thomas, H. M. Hunter, A.A. Webb and S. Berthelsen, Decreases over seven years in subsoil nitrate in a Vertisol with grain sorghum and grass 1 J. R. Cumming and L.H. Weinstein, Aluminum-mycorrhizal interactions in the physiology of pitch pine seedlings 7 P. H. Brown, R. M. Welch and J. T. Madison, Effect of nickel deficiency on soluble(More)
The need is emphasized for proper modeling of loads of industrial plants in power system studies to obtain accurate results. The characteristics of various types of loads and their analytical models are described. Industrial plant engineers are encouraged to make measurements on their own system to obtain an accurate composite or individual load model for(More)
Since electrical service supply to an industrial plant is very important, it deserves a careful examination of power-supply requirements, such as quality and reliability. The protection of the service supply line is more important to the plant operator than to the supplier of electrical power. A close engineering coordination between the plant operator and(More)
A study was undertaken at Jodhpur during the years 2001–2011 to assess the production potential of Cenchrus ciliaris L., Lasiurus sindicus Henr. and Vigna unguiculata L. (cowpea) sown in strips with Colophospermum mopane Kirk ex Benth. and Hardwickia binata Roxb. tree stands without and with fertilizer application. Results indicated that the plant growth(More)
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