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BACKGROUND The metabolic syndrome is associated with modest but independent and additive risk of new onset chronic kidney disease (CKD) in several studies. The purpose of our study was to determine whether metabolic syndrome and other cardiovascular risk factors (hyperuricaemia and smoking) are associated with the progression of IgA nephropathy (IgAN). (More)
BACKGROUND Attenuated heart rate recovery (HRR) is an independent predictor of cardiac and total mortality. Diminished renal function is a similar predictor. There are no data concerning the interaction between the two risk factors. We studied HRR in patients with a homogeneous renal disease, IgA nephropathy. METHODS One hundred and seven patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Renal function is a major predictor of vascular function and cardiovascular diseases. Little information exists about the effect of specific renal diseases on vascular function in chronic kidney diseases (CKD). METHODS One hundred and twenty patients (60 with IgA nephropathy, IgAN, and 60 with polycystic kidney disease, PKD) with CKD stages 1-4(More)
Cardiac and kidney diseases are very common, and increasingly coexist. Classification for cardiorenal syndrome and for its specific subtypes has been developed and published recently by a consensus group of the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative. Cardiorenal syndromes have been classified according to whether the impairment of each organ is primary,(More)
IgA nephropathy is the most common primary glomerulonephritis worldwide. The clinical spectrum covers a wide range of features from minor urinary abnormalities (asymptomatic hematuria and mild proteinuria with normal renal function) to acute and chronic renal insufficiency. Ideally, the goal of treatment would be to correct any defects in IgA1 glycosylation(More)
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