Balázs Kónya

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As computational Grids move away from the prototyping state, reliability, performance and ease of use and maintenance become focus areas of their adoption. In this paper, we describe ARC (Advanced Resource Connector) Grid middleware, where these issues have been given special consideration. We present an in-depth view of the existing components of ARC, and(More)
NorduGrid offers reliable Grid services for academic users over an increasing set of computing & storage resources spanning through the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. A small group of scientists has already been using the NorduGrid as their daily computing utility. In the near future we expect a rapid growth both in the number of(More)
The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) is a lightweight , non-intrusive, simple yet powerful Grid middleware capable of connecting highly heterogeneous computing and storage resources. ARC aims at providing general purpose, flexible, collaborative computing environments suitable for a range of uses, both in science and business. The server side offers the(More)
The NorduGrid project operates a production Grid infrastructure in Scandinavia and Finland using own innovative middleware solutions. The resources range from small test clusters at academic institutions to large farms at several supercomputer centers, and are used for various scientific applications. This talk reviews the architecture and describes the(More)
SUMMARY Many production Grid and e-Science infrastructures have begun to offer services to end-users during the past several years with an increasing number of scientific applications that require access to a wide variety of resources and services in multiple Grids. Therefore, the Grid Interoperation Now—Community Group of the Open Grid Forum—organizes and(More)
The first LHC application ever to be executed in a computational Grid environment is the so-called ATLAS Data-Challenge 1, more specifically, the part assigned to the Scandinavian members of the ATLAS Collaboration. Taking advantage of the NorduGrid testbed and tools, physicists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden were able to participate in the overall(More)
The NorduGrid project designed a Grid architecture with the primary goal to meet the requirements of production tasks of the LHC experiments. While it is meant to be a rather generic Grid system, it puts emphasis on batch processing suitable for problems encountered in High Energy Physics. The NorduGrid architecture implementation uses the Globus Toolkit TM(More)